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Itinerant referral at Fenside P.S.: persuasive writing

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Itinerant referral at Fenside P.S.: persuasive writing

Professional Learning Communities for Special Education teachers new to using their Promethean Interactive Whiteboards have been in full swing since October.  In addition to attending Professional Development sessions, learning community members have recently begun taking advantage of job-embedded PD opportunities. Some teachers have co-planned lessons with Itinerant Resource Teachers (IRTs) and then have kindly invited fellow learning community members to observe the lesson as it is co-taught with the IRT. Jennifer Samson from Fenside PS recently co-planned a lesson on persuasive writing and shared the lesson with fellow learning community members. Jennifer’s HSP students were highly engaged and showed tremendous enthusiasm when using tools such as the Magic Ink and Sound Recorder.  Observing teachers were also very excited to have many more ideas for ways to use these tools in their own classrooms.  Following the lesson, the observation teachers engaged in a discussion on how the assistive technology had been authentically integrated into the lesson to support student learning. We look forward to facilitating more co-planning and co-teaching opportunities in the New Year!

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