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Ways to access the Promethean Board - a refresher!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ways to access the Promethean Board - a refresher!

Ways to Access the Promethean Board…a Refresher

At the beginning of the New Year we listed seven (7) ways for you and your students to access the Promethean Board:

Please refer to the Blog Post on January 17th http://bit.ly/17fYFpV for more information on these seven ways to access the Promethean Board.

An eighth way to access the Promethean Board:

Some students may have difficulty accessing the Promethean Board in traditional ways due to a variety of challenges. An additional way that students can access the Promethean Board is to use a switch. Using a switch allows students to interact with the lesson or activity, increases independence and encourages participation in a group setting.

This is an example of a wireless switch called a Wireless Jelly Beamer switch and switch interface called a Crick Switch Interface. 

Please watch our YouTube Video to learn more about how to use switches with your Promethean Board. http://bit.ly/GGObcz

OneNote Intermediate Project launch

One group of OneNote pilot teachers:
Trevor Wong (Macklin P.S.), Wendy Klayman (Blantyre P.S.)
and Miriam Taylor (Tecumseh P.S.).
OneNote Meet and Greet session teachers (left to right): Shailesh Maharaj, Warden Avenue P.S. (7/8HSP); Glen Barbeau, D.A. Morrison M.S.(8HSP); Jeff Gilbert, Samual Hearne M.S. (7HSP)
and Aleem Remtulla, D.A. Morrison M.S. (7/8 ASD ISP) 

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