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OneNote intermediate project wrap-up example: J.S. Woodsworth Sr. P.S.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

OneNote intermediate project wrap-up example: J.S. Woodsworth Sr. P.S.

Students in Mr. DeFazio and Ms. Sharif’s classes at J.S. Woodsworth have recently completed their in-class sessions for learning how to use OneNote to support their organizational skills. Students in both classes have experienced tremendous success both in the use of their tablet computer and with using the OneNote software to support their learning activities.

Some examples of what students shared as being their favourite thing that they learned through participating in this project.

Over the course of our visits in each classroom, students learned how to use a wide variety of tools that OneNote has available and made connections with how these tools can be used to support their ability to organize both their leaning tasks as well as their academic life.  For example, in our final session students learned how to create a table and how to use the “Snipping” tool to create a table with visuals.

Some examples of how students used the Table tool to organize information. Visuals were created using the “Snipping” tool.
Students then participated in a discussion on how tables are used to organize information and, why using visuals such as those created using the Snipping tool, help make the table even more useful (for example, one student commented: “Because a picture is worth a thousand words!”).

Overall, we had a great time working with the Intermediate students in Mr. DeFazio and Ms. Sharif’s class at JS Woodsworth this year. Thank you for participating in this project and we look forward to hearing all about how you continue to use your tablets and OneNote next year!

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