Curriculum and Resource Technology - Have You Seen The SEA C.A.R.T. Claim In Action?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Curriculum and Resource Technology - Have You Seen The SEA C.A.R.T. Claim In Action?

The response to the SEA C.A.R.T. (Curriculum and Resource Technology) Claim has been both exciting and inspiring.  To date, 108 claims (1 080 laptops) have been approved and delivered to schools.  Support and training has been ongoing in the schools and in our training labs.  Take a look below at how staff and students are embracing the use of the technology to differentiate instruction and to support individual student learning needs.

Everyday Learning at Scarborough Village
It is all about developing independence.  Students in Ms Taylor’s HSP program retrieve their assigned laptop and begin work immediately upon entering the classroom.  A.T. is consistently embedded into the success criteria for their language and math assignments.  In the students’ integrated classes, the laptops are used to facilitate group work incorporating the technology.   Students readily support one another to select the tools for the task and to customize those tools to meet their individual needs (as evidenced by each student’s customized Read and Write toolbar).

Only the Second Session of Training at R.H. McGregor
It is hard to believe that the grade 2, 3, 4 and 5 students at R.H. McGregor have only completed one session of their C.A.R.T. support with the A.T. team.  Students have already customized their Read and Write Gold toolbar and selected the best voice and speed to comprehend a text. 
Today the focus is on using more tools in Read and Write to build their comprehension skills.  As the students build a visual vocabulary list using the vocabulary tool, a student comments “Something cool just happened!”, as images and definitions for new vocabulary appear in an organized chart.  Another student evaluates both the text and picture dictionary tool and reports, “I like the picture dictionary better”. 
The support from the A.T. team is all about selecting the right tools to support a student’s individual learning needs.

Investigating Read and Write through a Mathematics Lens
C.A.R.T. Project schools that have completed their in-school training and support were invited to select two teachers to attend a professional learning session focusing on how to use tools in Read and Write Gold to differentiate math instruction for their students.  Sessions took place at both our East and West training labs.
Through modelling, hands on exploration and sharing, participants investigated how tools like the picture dictionary, talking calculator, fact mapper, highlighters and voice note could be used to support students to chunk, comprehend and communicate in mathematics.

Take a look at some of the ways teachers shared how they would differentiate a math task using A.T. during our Gallery Walk.

Teachers attending the session noted that they appreciated the hands on learning model and opportunity to share ideas with others.
We look forward to sharing more information about the SEA C.A.R.T. claim in action in our secondary schools.

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