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OneNote and HP PageLift app help Earl Grey P.S. students organize and learn

Monday, 4 May 2015

OneNote and HP PageLift app help Earl Grey P.S. students organize and learn

Students in Ms. Jo Miller's HSP class are part of this year's phase 2 OneNote project.After only a few sessions of using their new tablets and Microsoft OneNote software, Ms Miller's class already use their devices in a variety of subject areas including English as well as their integrated Science class.

Ms Miller's students used HP PageLift to capture a Global Warming film viewing log (left) and teacher's notes (right) to help support their Science program.

The HP PageLift app allows students to digitize any document or resource like an Interactive Whiteboard, chart paper, poster, handout or textbook page for use in OneNote so they can type, draw and fill out information. 

Here one of Ms Miller's student demonstrates how easy it is to use the HP PageLift app.

Step 1 Take the photo

The student has a non-fiction book ready to be digitized. He opens the HP PageLift app on his device and takes a photo.

Step 2  Crop the photo

In the HP PageLift app the photo is cropped and then sent to OneNote.

Step 3 Place the image onto the correct section on OneNote.

The student is asked to select the section of his OneNote notebook where the image is captured.
Step 4 Ready to highlight, annotate the digitized document.

The student can use a stylus, touch screen, mouse and keyboard while in OneNote.
Also check one our Tech & Special Ed YouTube channel videos like the one we have on HP PageLift to see other strategies and tools we use in OneNote.

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