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I have A.T. in my classroom, how do I use it for Math? project final LC summary

Friday, 22 May 2015

I have A.T. in my classroom, how do I use it for Math? project final LC summary

I Have Assistive Technology In My Classroom…How Do I Use It In Math?! – Wrap-up

Our Math and A.T. (Assistive Technology) project recently concluded with a “Bring and Brag” session where teachers had the opportunity to share their learning experiences with one another.  Teachers came together to discuss how they used assistive technology to help deepen their Special Educations students’ understanding of mathematics concepts as well as to support their students’ in more effectively communicating their mathematics reasoning.

Leonora Rochwerger from Donview Health and Wellness Academy sharing her lesson on constructing pie charts.
Irena Ivany from CR Marchant PS shares her lesson on symmetry. 

Teachers demonstrated a wide range of lessons and a variety of assistive technology tools. They also shared insights on how the use of these tools supported their students learning of mathematics. 
Terry Lwin from Clinton Street PS shares her lesson on percent concepts using Geometer’s Sketchpad.
Teachers also engaged in a professional dialog on how to continue to use assistive technology tools in their math programs as well as how to problem-solve when technical issues arise. In addition, all teachers that were part of the Learning Community left with a USB with all the math lessons on it so that they could continue their exploration of each other’s lessons on their own.

Overall, it was a great afternoon of learning for all our Special Education teachers involved in this project. Teachers were proud to share their learning and successes (as well as the occasional challenge that was encountered!). Check out our Facebook page to find a recent post showing a photo of all of our project teachers during our "Bring and Brag" sharing session: Facebook

If you are interested in this project or others by our department, be sure to check both DirectLine and our website regularly for updates as to when they become available.
Thank you again to all the amazing teachers who helped make this project the success that it was!

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