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Tools to try in 2015 - Read and Write Gold part 2

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tools to try in 2015 - Read and Write Gold part 2

RWG tools to try

In the latest version of Read and Write Gold, the icons may initially look a bit different, but the same powerful tools are available for student use. (In fact, if you prefer, you can change the look of the icons back to the classic look using the general options.)

Tool: Highlighters

Listed under the preset "Study Skills toolbar" the highlighters are a great way for students to organize written information using colour coding. By picking a particular colour for a particular when researching and/or when reading text, using highlighters are an easy way to keep track of key ideas. When brainstorming ideas student have also used highlights to pick out their best ideas to keep and cross out ones they will not use.

Here is a link to one of our Read and Write Gold Curriculum connection lessons showing a simple use of two highlighters: Grade 3 Social Studies Pioneer Life.

Tool: Word Prediction

Word prediction is a great tool to support students with word choice and spelling. Students launch the tool and begin typing what the first few letter and students can choose from a list of words. The prediction feature can help some students cut down on the number of keystrokes they are required to do when writing. For others, since auditory support can be turned on to have the list words read out loud, spelling and word choice is enhanced. The word prediction can be powerful. In some cases a few letters may not bring the student the word he/she is looking for. The student must type out the entire word that they are guessing the spelling of, and the predictor is able to include the word in the list.

In this Read and Write Gold Curriculum connection lesson, students begin with research using the highlighters and collect highlighter feature. They also use highlighters to choose their best answers. Finally, students are encouraged to use the word prediction tool to support their writing Grade 6 Supporting an answer with details from the text

Tool: Voice Note
 Voice note is a new tool for users in Read and Write Gold 11 version. It's easy and quick to use. Students who may have difficulty getting their ideas down by typing can record an oral response and save the file right into MIcrosoft Word (2010 or higher version). Students who may have anxiety presenting in front of peers or who would like to rehearse saying a written work such as a speech or presentation can use Voice Note to record and self-edit their pace, expression and delivery.

The following Read and Write Gold Curriculum connection begins with students gathering information and going through the stages of the writing process using many different Read and Write Gold tools for editing and composition. The final stage of the lesson - oral presentation - can be modified to include the Voice Note Grade 7/8 Point of view podcast/video

We have many other lessons from grade 1 - 10 available linking the use of the various Read and Write tools in context of the lesson. The strategies in embedding AT to meet the needs of the students can still be used even if the content of the lessons is changed or updated. Click here.

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