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Time Flies at Thomas L. Wells P.S. during itinerant referral

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Time Flies at Thomas L. Wells P.S. during itinerant referral

Time Flies at Thomas L. Wells P.S.
Angela Comia, HSP Teacher at Thomas L. Wells, co-planned and co-taught a lesson with Renée Keberer, Itinerant Resource Teacher with Assistive Technology, through the AT Referral Process.

The lesson was designed around the concept of elapsed time found in the Measurement Strand of Mathematics.  An engaging and interactive lesson was created on the SMARTBoard that took the students through various scenarios where elapsed time needed to be calculated. 

(left) Teacher, Angela Comia, asking students to predict the elapsed time
(right) Students calculating elapsed time using a number line and various Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) tools

The students were then placed into groups and they rotated to three separated stations where follow up activities had to be competed.
Station One: Students used the SMARTBoard to complete a variety of interactive activities around elapsed time.

Station Two:  Students used Read and Write Gold (RWG) to read through various word problems on the computer and the RWG Highlightersto indicate important information in the problem. They used chart paper and manipulatives to answer the questions.

Station Three: Students went on a scavenger hunt and had to complete various tasks to determine how much time had elapsed.

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