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Math Mission update - using Read and Write Gold tools with other software

Friday, 6 March 2015

Math Mission update - using Read and Write Gold tools with other software

The Math Mission update

Special education teachers participating in the Math Mission project gathered for the final Learning Community session of the year at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre in early March. The Math Mission, facilitated by SEA Consultant Christine Harvey-Kerr and itinerant teacher Valia Reinsalu, is a year-long project focussing on using assistive technology in special education classrooms in a way that supports student communication in Mathematics.  
Using Activ Expressions and using Read and Write Gold tools in various contexts such as Google Docs and in Microsoft Word were two of the main topics explored during the session.

SEA Consultant Christine Harvey-Kerr shares the agenda for the afternoon session.

A starting point for use of Read and Write Gold tools with Microsoft Word. The key is to match the right tool to the student's particular need to support their communication of concepts learned.

Natalie Palubiski,  ISP ASD teacher from Buchanan Public School, shares how she creates vocabulary lists for her students using Read and Write Gold's Vocabulary tool. 

Sarah Smart,  ISP LD teacher from Briarcrest Junior School, uploads an Interactive Whiteboard lesson onto the Math Mission Desire2Learn site. Math Mission teachers access and share student work on the Math Mission D2L site.

Throughout the year teachers have been part of an on-line community -  accessing and using the Blended Learning / Learning Management System - Desire2Learn to access resources, lessons and even post student work. Also Some students have had the opportunity to bolster their written communication skills by providing feedback on other student's work.
TDSB teachers can find out more about Desire2Learn from the intraweb site: Desire2Learn.

Math Mission teachers have a chance to continue to build interpersonal connections via Job Embedded Professional Learning Opportunities via co-planning, co-teaching and observation.

Part of the Math Mission group of special education teachers - exploring and sharing ways they support their students communication in Mathematics.

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