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Read and Write Gold Itinerant referral: Kingslake P.S. spotlight

Friday, 6 February 2015

Read and Write Gold Itinerant referral: Kingslake P.S. spotlight

Read and Write Gold (RWG) and Research at Kingslake P.S.
Ms. Ferreira, HSP teacher at Kingslake PS, and Renée Keberer, Itinerant Resource Teacher with Assistive Technology, partnered up to co-plan/teach a lesson with her class. Using the theme of Winter Sports, each student selected their favourite winter sport to research. During the lesson, the students learned how to use the Highlighters in RWG to collect important information about their topic and then to use the Collect Highlights from multiple documents feature to place all of this information into one easily accessible Word Document, complete with a Bibliography.

The teachers demonstrated this process with their own example of Hockey. Each category was given a specific Highlight Colour to help organize their information. A graphic organizer was also provided to support the students.

Over the next few weeks, the students completed their research and worked on their final presentation. Please see below for some of their finished products.

Bulletin Board display of finished products.

Some final products presented on a Bristol Board Display.

Other students used PowerPoint for their final product. Some sample pages follow.

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