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OneNote pilot project spotlight: G.A. Brown M.S.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

OneNote pilot project spotlight: G.A. Brown M.S.

A number of our intermediate special education classrooms have joined our OneNote pilot project over the past month. The project supports intermediate students to learn how to use a tablet device and software Microsoft OneNote to support their organization skills.

Last week, Ms. Le's Home School Program class had their third of four sessions at G.A. Brown Middle School. During this session students learned how to compile research information from the internet by using tools such as OneNote's screen clipping and tag tools.
Ms. Le and a few of her students explore the various of tools on the tablet.

Students can access research content from the internet using a keyboard, mouse, stylus or finger with the touch supported device. In this photo, the student prefers to use the tablet out of it's built-in keyboard case, and takes screen clipping of images and text using her finger.

After bringing in an image and text from the internet, a student experiments with using tags to highlight key information as well as questions.

During the four-session pilot, students learn how to navigate their tablet devices, use tools in OneNote and other apps found on the tablets in ways that will support their learning and organization.One useful app is HP Pagelift - which allows students to make any written text or image digital.

(left) A student uses the camera tool in HP Pagelift to capture an image from a magazine. (right) HP Pagelift allows to student to use the image in OneNote as part of her project.

To keep up with a few other schools which are taking part in our pilot don't forget to follow the Assistive Technology team's OneNote & TDSB Assistive Tech Facebook page at: 

For more information about the various OneNote tools that students are using during the project, go to our Tech and Special Ed Youtube channel to see some of our videos:

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