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Exploring what is Orange - alternative access co-plan at Glamorgan J.P.S.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Exploring what is Orange - alternative access co-plan at Glamorgan J.P.S.

What is Orange?
Julie Ng at Glamorgan Junior Public School has been exploring the colour orange in her low incidence class.  Recently, Itinerant Resource Teacher, Andrea Statton met with Ms. Ng to co-plan a lesson in ActivInspire that will also use alternative access devices to engage her students.

The lesson has a multi-sensory approach to learning.  Students will be exploring the colour orange through poems, songs, videos and images in ActivInspire. In one of the activities, the students will use a switch to increase the size of the orange on the page to help reinforce the concept of oranges and to also help students understand the cause and effect relationship between tapping the switch and having an action happen on the interactive whiteboard. Students will also be touching, smelling and tasting an actual orange during the lesson.

 Each time the switch is activated the orange increases in size.

The Smooth Talker (voice output device) was used to record a song about oranges. During the lesson, students will be able to independently press on the Smooth Talker to have the song sung aloud. The Smooth Talker and other such devices can help students communicate successfully and provide opportunities for turn-taking and language skill development.

Ms. Ng records herself singing the orange song on the Smooth Talker during co-planning.

At the end of the whole group lesson, students will have a chance to add to their “My Orange Book” by dipping an actual orange in orange paint to paint the cover of their books. 

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