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AT Tools to try in 2015 - OneNote

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

AT Tools to try in 2015 - OneNote

Tools to try in 2015: Microsoft OneNote:

Tool: Record Audio
Why: Students can use “record audio” to quickly record their thinking, a reminder or an important piece of information directly into their notes
Favourite Use: I love seeing students ask their subject teachers if they can record audio of them assigning the homework…often times this can be quicker than typing or hand writing it into a student’s agenda…quick and easy! Students can then access the note when as a reminder of what needs to be completed and when it is due.

Tool: Tags
Why: Students can use tags to flag important information (e.g., key points for a test), questions for their teachers, create “to do” lists  for projects and homework tasks. Once tags have been created, students can search for the tags in any of their OneNote sections and the tags can be collected to create a summary page.
Favourite Use: Making a “to do” list and enjoying the satisfaction of checking off the little boxes!

Tool: Screen Clipping
Why: Students can bring in content from web resources and other digital documents into their OneNote notebook page. When using screen clipping in conjunction with Internet Explorer, a static image of the text, diagrams and/or images can be defined an captured along with accompanying information such as time and date of access and the source web address (URL). Screen clipping is particularly useful in cases where the information on the page may change or the web site is difficult to find again.
Favourite Use: Doing a research project, identifying and organizing key information from a web resource/ web page resource (see photo). Not only are the text and images captured with the bibliographic information. Key facts or parts of the screen clipping can be highlighted, arrows, audio notes and tags can be added to the overall text to support the student's better overall understanding.

In this image the student has created a screen clipping. Then, the student has highlighted portions of the page. The student added an arrow to indicate the web address that was generated from the screen clipping creation and tagged the information as "important". There is also a sound file on this page - indicated by a white set of head phones on red background.

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