Project launch: I have Assistive Technology in My Classroom...How Do I Use It In Math?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Project launch: I have Assistive Technology in My Classroom...How Do I Use It In Math?

The SEA Team is very excited to announce the commencement of our “I Have Assistive Technology In My Classroom…How Do I Use It In Math?!” project for this year.

The goal of this project is to share strategies and features of the various software tools available to support special education students through a mathematics lens and to create networking opportunities among special education teachers.

Three sessions will be held throughout the term of the project along with an observation classroom opportunity. The first session, taking place on Friday January 16th, will provide an opportunity to meet the other learning community members and to examine the resources available in your classroom. In our second session, we will take a more in-depth look at some of the software applications. Teachers will also have an opportunity to share some experiences at that point. Our third session will be a sharing and celebration opportunity for learning community members. In between the sessions there will be co-planning and co-teaching opportunities (along with the opportunity to observe one another) in order to provide job-embedded professional learning.

We will support the use of various assistive technology software such as Microsoft Excel and OneNote, Read and Write Gold, ActivInspire, and SMART Notebook. New this year, we will also use Geometer Sketchpad.

At the end of the project, Learning Community members will be provided with a memory stick containing copies of all the lessons that were developed.

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