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AT tools to try in 2015 - Read and Write Gold

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

AT tools to try in 2015 - Read and Write Gold

RWG tools to try

Tool: Calculator
Why: Students can do simple and more complex computations using the RWG calculator. The calculator has built in auditory support to reinforce number input and calculations. Students can also make calculation within a document like Microsoft Word. To support executive function and organization the audit trail feature allows students to track their work for multistep problems.
Favourite Use: When supporting problem solving solutions of multi-step math problems involving units of measure, the calculator has a built in conversion feature. When teachers are not assessing a students computation to convert various units, the RWG calculator allows students the ability to quickly convert units of length, mass, velocity, time, temperature and volume.

Tool: Picture Dictionary
Why: The Picture Dictionary is a web-based tool teachers can use to access picture symbols to support the use of visual supports for all students. These visual supports can benefit all learners, however they are often essential for students with Autism
Favourite Use: Picture symbols from the Read, Write Gold Picture Dictionary can be brought into ActivInspire to create interactive picture symbols with text and sound

Tool: Vocabulary List Builder
Why: Teachers and students can easily build a vocabulary list with the term, definition and related image.   Students can also add their own definition or notes to the document.  Since the vocabulary list builder opens in Microsoft Word, the list can be edited to meet the needs of all learners.
Favourite Use: Making vocabulary lists at the start of a new math unit to help students understand the new terminology

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