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Using Read & Write Gold Tools to Support Students in Math

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Using Read & Write Gold Tools to Support Students in Math

During an Assistive Technology Referral, one of our Itinerant Resource Teachers worked with Sharon Freedman at Chalkfarm Public School to co-plan a math lesson for the students in Mrs. Freedman’s Junior ISP Behaviour class. As they planned the lesson they talked about the tools available in Read & Write Gold to support students as they read and answer word problems in their math class. Together they taught the lesson to Mrs. Freedman’s students, encouraging students to use the following Read & Write Gold tools to support their learning: the play button to listen to the question, the highlighters to identify important information in the question, the calculator (which speaks) to calculate the answer and the prediction tool to help them type their answer.

After the lesson the class discussed how the tools in Read & Write Gold helped them:
  •          The calculator tool helped us solve math problems.
  •          We liked listening to the calculator tell us numbers.
  •          We liked when the computer reads things to us.
  •          We liked using the highlighters to identify keywords.

If you would like more information on the Read & Write Gold Calculator Tool click on the image below to watch our YouTube video tutorial.

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