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Spotlight: OneNote at G.A. Brown M.S. - one of many TDSB classrooms participating in the intermediate AT project

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Spotlight: OneNote at G.A. Brown M.S. - one of many TDSB classrooms participating in the intermediate AT project

Our Assistive Technology OneNote intermediate pilot project is underway. Many intermediate classrooms in schools across the TDSB are learning ways to use tools in OneNote to organize themselves and keep a personal digital binder. Classes such as Ms. Le's Intermediate HSP classroom at G.A. Brown Middle School is half-way through the project.

A G.A. Brown student models how to create a new OneNote notebook in her H: drive using the Interactive Whiteboard.
In all four sessions the classroom teacher, an itinerant teacher and the students work together to support the students use of the device in supporting their organization and independence. (Each of our six itinerant teachers are attached to classrooms based on the school's geographical region.)

In the first session, students receive their tablet devices and become proficient in navigating the Windows 8.1 environment of both apps and desktop applications. In the second session students create their OneNote binders - the basis on which they create their personal digital binder.
Creating a sub-page during research of My Favourites project.
Ms. Le and students collaborate and learn together during session 2 of the OneNote project.
Throughout the pilot students how to use the various OneNote tools such as Colour coded tabs, Screen Clipping, tags, using Drawing tools as well as tablet apps such as HP Pagelift as they research and complete work on a "My Favourites" project.
Using HP Pagelift app on devices to make paper work digital.
Send to OneNote: A student sends the captured file - Project Outline of the My Favourite project - to her OneNote notebook.
For a reminder on how to use the HP Pagelift app, here's one of a number of the AT team's Youtube videos involving the OneNote project: http://bit.ly/139g9bN.

They use tablet tools and OneNote is not limited to the My Favourites project. Students find ways to use HP Pagelift throughout their day. G.A. Brown students in Ms. Le's class have found many ways to use tablet tools from taking notes in Music class to doing research and compiling bibliographies in History projects with themes such as: Gold in the Yukon.

OneNote pilot project phase two continues in 2015. Phase 2 also gets underway in the new year.

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