SEA ActivTable project Networking session

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

SEA ActivTable project Networking session

Special education teachers participating in the SEA ActivTable project had their Networking session at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre this past week. Part of the session, they shared ideas and success using the ActivTable with their students. Teachers also had a chance to hear how other teachers have used the Activ Table in their classrooms.

Teachers shared ways they have used the table in their classrooms.
Teachers are using ActivTables to learn new ways to facilitate cooperation and collaboration with their students. Each Special Education classroom that has received an ActivTable will be supported through two in-school training sessions where they will learn how to use the ActivTable along with how to create or modified existing activities. 

A sorting activity created by the SEA team using the ActivTable activity builder.

Teachers worked together on the ActivTable exploring activities which they can use in their classrooms to help support student collaboration, engagement and cooperation.

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