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Read and Write Gold pilot launch for Junior students launches

Friday, 7 November 2014

Read and Write Gold pilot launch for Junior students launches

Another of the A.T. team's projects has had its fall launch. Special education teachers who are part of the EQAO and Assistive Technology pilot project, got together in both the East and West learning centres for an initial Meet and Greet session. During the Meet and Greet, the A.T. itinerant teacher team also reviewed the goals and structure of the project. Participating teachers also had the opportunity to participate in a modeled lesson using the software Read and Write Gold to answer EQAO-type questions.

Customizing the Read and Write Gold toolbar.

Using dual screen to organize access to a reading and view questions being asked.

Ms. Reiken, from Northlea Elementary & Middle School enjoys the hands-on time of the Meet & Greet Session.
After having hands-on experience using Read and Write Gold tools which support decoding, written expression and organization of ideas, teachers also had a chance to meet their fellow pilot project participants. They shared some thought of what their own goals of what they hoped to get out of participating in the project:

"... looking forward to get the support so that we can narrow down the focus of what they can be using and giving students more independence."

"..(many) advantages of getting on board. I want the kids to be successful. I hope the program opens a lot of possibilities for them."

"...(I want to) make sure students are comfortable and confident..independent once it's EQAO time."

For the past two years, special education has run the pilot project to provide ongoing support for special education teachers and students to use assistive technology software to prepare for the EQAO process. The project is open to all HSP and ISP classrooms who have at least three grade 6 students who are writing EQAO.

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