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OneNote marker students update

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

OneNote marker students update

Many of our students who were in grade eight last year and who are now in grade nine this year have continued to use their tablets and OneNote software to support their personal organization and academic lives in high school.  Students have recognized and embraced the useful features of OneNote to help them create Notebooks to organize themselves for all the subjects they are taking. Students are also continuing to colour code subject tabs to help them organize themselves. Below is an example of one grade nine student who has developed enough independence with using the tablet and software in order to organize himself for success in grade nine:

Students report they are enjoying having the ability to access the internet to do research in order to deepen their understanding of concepts being taught in their classes. Students also report they appreciate having the option to type notes, use the sound recorder to record parts of lessons, or using HP LiftApp to import pictures into OneNote taken with their tablet. Below is an example of how a student has used OneNote to take notes in Science:

In another school, one student created his own self-regulation strategy to help the student refocus energy during times of the day. The student created a section of pages to draw on when the student is feeling angry or anxious.

Overall, many of our former grade eight students are enjoying having a tablet to support their learning and their organization in high school. And, thanks to the feedback and advice they continue to provide us with, we continue to use this information to further improve our project!

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