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Some Learning Community photos from our first week "Getting Started" with the IWB

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some Learning Community photos from our first week "Getting Started" with the IWB

This past month, the AT team's itinerant teachers have been working with their Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Learning Community (LC) members. LC  Special Education teachers whose classes received an interactive whiteboard this school year are involved in this year-long project. Throughout the school year, each group of teachers work with one of the six itinerant assistive technology teachers of the AT team.

At the first session, teachers have hands-on time to use IWB tools which support differentiation of lessons by creating a simple activity - introduction page as well as other activities using IWB tools including the pen, sound recorder, camera tool support multimodal learners. Different ways a student (and teacher) can access the IWB was also modeled and tried: pen, cordless keyboard and mouse, and wand.

Learning Community teacher groupings are organized with those teaching a similar ISP or HSP. Each file is honed to include curriculum-linked content and is made to specifically address the learning needs of the exceptionality of the students.

Here are some snapshots of  a variety of LC sessions facilitated by itinerant teacher Valia Reinsalu. (Click on the photos to see a larger version.)

Uncovering hidden text: Ms. McGloin from Queen Victoria P.S. shares her introduction page. Mr. Stewart from Highcastle P.S. activates a multiple choice express poll during the Arowana fish Behaviour ISP session at Terraview Learning Centre.
Using the erase to reveal hidden information: Mr Karout from Clinton P.S. (above); J.B.Tyrell's Mr Lomas (bottom left) and Queen Victoria's Ms.Wu (bottom right) Gifted ISP teachers creating activities during the Getting Started with the IWB session Gourami LC Gifted ISP session at Burnhamthorpe Adult Learning Centre. 

During the Behaviour ISP LC: using multimedia including video AlexMuir Public School's Mr. Lawlor (left) and Mr. Paskauskas from Gledhill P.S (right) share their introductions using different tools to engage their audiences.

The LCs foster building of a community of learners where teachers of the same exceptionality can share strategies and ideas as they incorporate the IWB. (Lancetfish LC HSP teachers Sahaira Khan, Alvin Curling P.S. and Deborah Rogers, Ranchdale P.S.)
Teachers come together four times a year. Part of the year-long support includes Job Embedded Professional Learning opportunities where volunteer members co-teach a lesson with the Itinerant teacher and fellow LC members observe, discuss and reflect on the use of assistive technology to support student achievement. 
A few ideas shared about what tools and strategies to be used back at school following a Getting Started class.

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