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An individual referral at Brookside P.S. - primary HSP spotlight

Monday, 6 October 2014

An individual referral at Brookside P.S. - primary HSP spotlight

Co-Teaching at Brookside

Mrs. Kim, primary HSP teacher at Brookside P.S., initiated an AT Referral in order to have the opportunity co-plan and co-teach with Itinerant Resource Teacher Ren. Together, a Story Sequencing activity was planned using a book the students have read in class, Deep Snow by Robert Munsch, along with a Number Sense and Numeration activity to represent values. For the first activity, the students took turns first listening to each story picture and then ordered the events in the correct sequence. During the math activity, the student shared the task of representing numbers. Individual math pages were also created for each student to complete independently after the group task.

Auditory descriptions were attached to each picture so that students could hear and well
as see what was happening, in order to help support their sequencing task.
(left) Group Minds On Math activity. (right) Individualized Math “Action” activity using student interest to help motivate and support learning
Students in the class use virtual manipulatives to represent numbers.

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