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The Individual Classroom Referral - one support to kick-start the year to embed A.T. in your special education classroom

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Individual Classroom Referral - one support to kick-start the year to embed A.T. in your special education classroom

A.T. team's Individual Referral

Are some of your goals this school year is to use new and varied differentiation strategies as well as technology to support your special education students? The A.T. team's individual classroom referral may be something that you are looking for.

Our team supports individual classroom special education teachers and their students in the model Job Embedded Professional Learning.

There are two parts to this referral. There is a session of co-planning which includes reflecting on your student's needs, conducting a survey of what technology you currently have access to as well as planning a lesson which embeds assistive technology to support your student(s) learning.
(When planning an A.T. support with the focus of Universal Design for Learning a tools or strategy which is essential for a few students, the classroom teacher will note that all students benefit.) The second part of the referral is job-embedded as the teacher puts the planned lesson or activity into action in the classroom with his/her students. The A.T. itinerant teacher is there to provide as little or much support as the special education classroom teacher requires; from modeling to co-teaching. Reflection is included in the second part of the referral to ensure the classroom teacher has clear and personalized next steps in his/her journey incorporating A.T.

Our referral is open to ISPs and HSP special education classrooms - elementary to secondary.Here are a few examples of referrals that were done last year. Click on the images to link to a few of our detailed blog posts which share more detailed information about just a few of our previous sessions.

Junior LD - Read and Write Gold and SMART Ideas
Embedding Read and Write Gold during a Biodiversity research project at Bowmore Jr & Sr P.S.
Primary HSP - IWB and peripherals

Reinforcing classroom learning using the IWB at Clinton Public School's Primary HSP.

Junior HSP - SMART Ideas and IWB

Using the IWB and graphic organizer programme SMART Ideas to support the writing process in a Junior HSP class at Forest Manor Public School.
Secondary DD ISP - IWB

Stay tuned to our blog to read more snapshots of our referrals. TDSB teachers can access the itinernal referral form by going to the SEA Information and Forms tab on the internal web site here.

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