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OneNote transition pilot stories and resources

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

OneNote transition pilot stories and resources

Last year the A.T. team's intermediate classroom pilot had 19 schools and 21 classes participated in the TDSB's first OneNote project supporting student's personal organization, independence and skills to support transition to secondary school. These special education classrooms included Behaviour and ASD ISPs as well as intermediate Home School Programs. Over the past week, many of these former grade 8 students have received their pilot device and related peripherals delivered to them in their grade 9 classes. 

Here's our year-end celebration to share with you to review how students were using OneNote:

A few stories from the start of the year to share with you:

At Sir Oliver Mowat 

"Do you have my tablet yet?" asked the student of his new school staff on the very first day of school. This student was ready to use his tablet immediately in grade 9. A few days later, on the day it was delivered, his teachers, two support staff and the vice-principal were present to learn and support this transitions and organization initiative. As a start, the student turned on the tablet, shared the work he did last year - his grade 8 OneNote notebook - with his "audience". He zipped through many features on his tablet, checking that everything still worked in order reviewing and sharing those many tools he and his classmates used to support his learning and organization within the OneNote software. He also showed how to annotate on top of captured images using HP PageLift app, recording audio notes, and more tools without missing a beat. This was after two months of not having the device. He’s looking forward to using it to support his grade 9 year.

At Victoria Park CI

“I’ve been waiting for you!” said one of our OneNote pilot project students who had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his tablet device. Once in hand, he quickly got the tablet up and running and opened OneNote. He was asked to create a new notebook for Grade 9 and he quickly started to laugh. The student, clearly recognizing the importance of using this software and device to support his learning and organization, had already created his new notebook last June! Without being directed, he took out his timetable and, using the HP Lift App, captured his schedule and sent it to OneNote. This is one student who is ready and raring to go!

Here's a video from our Microsoft OneNote Facebook page where a student from Eastview Public School shared some of her favourite tools last year when she was in grade 8. (Click on the image to link and see the video.)

The A.T. team has a number of helpful videos to support the use of software programs such as OneNote, Active Inspire and Read and Write Gold on our YouTube channel. To view more features of OneNote and link to our YouTube site click here.

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