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OneNote spotlight: Brookside P.S. intermediate HSP

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OneNote spotlight: Brookside P.S. intermediate HSP

OneNote at Brookside Public School

Brookside Public School is one the latest schools to begin the OneNote Pilot Project. Under the support of their classroom teacher, Judith Churchill, and Itinerant Resource Teacher, RenĂ©e Keberer, the students have been exploring the power of Microsoft OneNote and the many features of the HP tablet. 

Two students have just received their tablets.
Mrs. Churchill with her class after they have all received their tablets.

Through their four in-class sessions, the students have become well versed in the unique features of OneNote, such as Screen Clipping, hpPagelift, Audio Recording and Tagging, and have seen valuable and practical ways of taking this technology to all of their classes to support their learning and organization.
Some ways the students at Brookside P.S. shared they have used OneNote.

The students have created their virtual binder so that all of their subjects and corresponding worksheets and assignments are in one convenient place – organized and easily found.
One student is inserting a table into his OneNote Binder.
During the final session, student shared some of the highlights of the OneNote project and created their own list of the “Top 5 OneNote Tools” for them.
Students shared what they liked most about their tablet and the best thing they have learned.
Students used OneNote (Table and Snipping Tool) to create their “Top 5 OneNote Tools”.
The staff and students at Brookside P.S. shared some of their thoughts about OneNote:

“OneNote has enabled my students to demonstrate their full potential in the classroom. I have watched their productivity and confidence soar.” ~Mrs. Churchill
“Screen Clipping is easy because it is like copy and paste but quicker – just draw a rectangle and it automatically puts it into OneNote.” ~ Veronica
“I like OneNote because it is easy to organize your stuff.” ~ Victoria
“OneNote is good to research, find images and insert video links.” ~ Venujan

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