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OneNote project spotlight: Supporting intermediate students at Bowmore Road Sr. P.S.

Monday, 23 June 2014

OneNote project spotlight: Supporting intermediate students at Bowmore Road Sr. P.S.

The inaugural year of our Assistive Technology OneNote intermediate project has wrapped up for the year. Including our secondary schools, 26 schools and 206 students were part of the A.T. pilot to support personal organization and transitions.

According to Peter Gazzellone, the Intermediate Home School Program teacher at Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School, being part of the OneNote project will have lasting effects on his students.

"OneNote has transformed our classroom and empowered our students. Not only has the software helped to organize our students learning, it has fostered them to become more independent and engaged learners. Being part of this exciting pilot was energizing as the teacher, since I saw first hand, the positive effects it had on my students. I am confident that my students have the skills set they need to be successful in their future grades. Such a fantastic initiative that I was grateful to be apart of."

During the project, each intermediate teacher paired up with an itinerant teacher from the Assistive Technology team. Mr. Gazzellone's class worked with itinerant teacher Valia Reinsalu. During the project, students researched and created a "My Favourite" poster. Throughout the research process they learned about the many OneNote tools and used hpLift to support their organization and learning.

Mr. Gazzellone, Ms. Appleby and Bowmore students.
At the final OneNote in-class sessions, students shared their completed "My Favourite" posters and were asked to reflect about which tools were most helpful to them during the course of the project.

A student's top 5 tools.
Here are a just a few "My Favourite" posters that Mr. Gazzellone's students created using tools and strategies found in OneNote and the hpLift app.

To see more Bowmore student posters and those of students at other TDSB project schools, visit our OneNote Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/AssistTechOneNote

Thanks to the all of the OneNote project teachers and students who took part this year. Our "phase 2" group attended our final Learning Community session last week. They shared ideas and discussed their students preparedness in transitioning into high school next year.

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