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ER16 FOS teachers share year-long journey at AT carousel

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ER16 FOS teachers share year-long journey at AT carousel

Teachers from Thorncliffe Park P.S. and Valley Park P.S. shared their journey incorporating assistive technology in their classrooms during an AT carousel in late May. Teachers, special education, English Language Learners and regular classroom, were part of the ER16 Family of Schools pilot led by Deanna Cape, FOS Consultant for ER 16. Throughout the year teachers explored using Read and Write Gold to support their literacy programs. They also explored using AT in Mathematics by using interactive whiteboard, multimedia Learn 360 as well as Read and Write Gold. These professional learning sessions were held regularly throughout the year. AT team members Christine Harvey Kerr, SEA Consultant and Valia Reinsalu, Itinerant Teacher for Assistive Technology supported the year-long project.

Consultant Deanna Cape shares the format of the afternoon's Carousel.

 Project teachers shared lessons and their experience implementing AT as part of their programs this past year. Presentations included stations of interactive whiteboards and laptops to share  sample lessons and activities. Teacher also shared student work, their reflections and steps to build capacity within their school.

A member from each school in the ER16 region were invited to attend the carousel. Along with visiting the teacher stations, participants had a chance to get hands-on experience using Read and Write Gold tools on computers at the Demo Area.  Carousel participants also reviewed their school-specific data and began to generate ideas of how to begin implementing AT at their own schools for the upcoming school year.

Below are a few photos which capture some of the sharing.

Valley Park's J.J. Dorotheo (Math and multimedia).
Thorncliffe Park P.S.'s Suzanne Coutts (IWB and literacy).

Valley Park M.S.'s James White
(Read and Write Gold literacy).

Valley Park' Douglas Lee shares
how Read and Write Gold benefits all learners.
Tarmo Sulev from Thorncliffe Park P.S. speaks about narrative writing. 

Valley Park's Jan Clow shares her A.T. journey she recorded by iPad (front). Colleague Joanne Kearns, from Valley Park, shares her lesson. (rear right)

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