Diagnostic Kingergarten and Assistive Technology - spotlight on Ranchdale P.S.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Diagnostic Kingergarten and Assistive Technology - spotlight on Ranchdale P.S.

Ranchdale Diagnostic Kindergarten Observation Classroom

Heather Methven, Diagnostic Kindergarten teacher at Ranchdale P.S., opened her classroom to a group of teachers to observe the use of her Promethean Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) during circle and individual activity time.

During the lesson the students used the IWB as an attendance sign in, using their pictures and names to identify that they were at school. They also completed some daily living skill activities.

Left: student chooses clothes to get dressed for the summer; Right: student sorts items into toys and snacks.
Afterwards each student had an opportunity to complete activity pages specifically designed to meet their unique needs and abilities. These activities consisted of sorting, matching and locating.

During his personal activity pages this student sorts by colour and locates various letter Js.

This student sorts by size and locates various letter Ws.
These two students sort various shapes.
This student locates letter Ds and matches various sea creatures, independently choosing the type of pen and colour.

Lastly, a handful of kindergarten students from another class joined in a reverse integration model, to do a music activity using lummi sticks.
Both classes follow along to “Stick Songs” under the direction of Ms. Methven.
It was an active class and it was wonderful to see how engaged the students were and to hear their teacher speak of the growth the students have achieved using the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. The observing teachers were impressed with the activities the students were able to perform and enjoyed the opportunity to observe the classroom set up and centres.

Left: sensory corner; Right: activity area

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