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The Math Mission: Using Pictures to Communicate to Mathematical Ideas

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Math Mission: Using Pictures to Communicate to Mathematical Ideas

Communicating in Mathematics

The Math Mission Project held its final classroom visit at F.H. Miller Public School.  Visiting teachers had the opportunity to observe and discuss a lesson during Mira Campbell’s resource period. The focus of the lesson was on using pictures to communicate in mathematics.

In an earlier lesson, students brainstormed using Padlet on the interactive whiteboard why it is important to use pictures in mathematics.

Students commented that pictures can support the understanding and communication of math.
“Pictures are helpful ….. some people are visual”.  Chelsea
“Pictures are helpful because it can show how you did your answer instead of writing (show my thinking)”.  Annabella
“Pictures help me because I can understand the information better and faster”.  Brian

In addition, students reviewed a variety of infographics to see how pictures were used in different contexts to communicate ideas.  They shared their thinking using the annotation tools in Skitch and the insert sound feature in Notebook.

Click on the link below to view a video created by Mira Campbell to highlight the lesson that the visiting teachers observed.
Thank you to Ms. Campbell, Annabella, Brian and Chelsea for sharing with us how they can use pictures to communicate their thinking in math.

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