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SEA newsletter & OneNote session round-up week of May 2

Friday, 2 May 2014

SEA newsletter & OneNote session round-up week of May 2

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Many intermediate classes throughout the TDSB are active in our OneNote project to support organization and transitions. Here are some pictures from a few of our classrooms taken this week.

Brookside Public School, HSP 

Ways students have been using their tablets in rotary subjects. 

Bowmore Road Junior & Senior School, HSP

Using Windows 8, OneNote, and the touch screen are just three things students like about their tablet.

Compiling research on "My Favourite" project including highlighting and voice notes. 

Birch Cliff Public School, ASD ISP

Independent research on "My Favourite" project.

Adding digital To-do tags. Students can check off boxes as they complete tasks.
James S Bell P.S., Behaviour ISP

Lanor P.S., Intermediate HSP

Jake shares how he uses his tablet for French class.

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