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Personal organization and independence: OneNote pilot project in Secondary summary

Friday, 23 May 2014

Personal organization and independence: OneNote pilot project in Secondary summary

What are tools that secondary students prefer?

The Assistive Technology team’s OneNote Pilot Project focuses upon personal organization and independence in order to support the “Big T” transition from grade 8 to high school. This initiative aims to provide explicit training of OneNote software, with a distinct focus on the ways in which the tools/features of OneNote can be used in classroom settings to support student learning - from the intermediate grades, into high school and beyond.
During our final in-class training session, students are encouraged to create a personal list of the “Top 5 OneNote Tools” that will enable them to be their most independent and successful in their integrated classes.

Here is a list of the tools/features our students love the most:

Student can use their finger or a stylus to write, draw or highlight their notes directly in OneNote.

With OneNote, our students love that they never have to save their work and fear losing their content. Everything is automatically saved – alleviating student stress and anxiety.

Do your thoughts ever flow faster than you can write, or even type? For the students we support, the Record Audio tool enables students to record their thinking, instructions from their teacher and even reminders of what to study for an upcoming quiz!

Screen Clipping allows students to quickly and easily capture images/content from the internet and place it directly into OneNote. This tool supports researching and accessing content. The best part is that it also includes bibliographic information to source the website the specific information clipped from!

Our #1 voted tool that serves as the biggest “game-changer” for our students is the HP Page Lift App. This tool allows students to make handouts, textbook pages, and even the chalkboard digital by taking a picture of hardcopy resources and sending them directly to OneNote. These images can be placed in the appropriate section of a student’s notebook and can be annotated on. Students love never having to worry about losing a worksheet again!  

By mastering the use of these OneNote tools and features, the students who have participated in this pilot have reported increased academic success, self-confidence and happiness. With these skills – our students will be transitioning to high school with the necessary skills and tools to be their most successful in high school.

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