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Intermediate OneNote pilot update - week of April 14

Monday, 21 April 2014

Intermediate OneNote pilot update - week of April 14

Intermediate Special Education classes continue to join the pilot. During the week of April 14th, many school were introduced to their tablets for the first time via the "tech session". Some other schools began their "My favourite" research project using the tools and organizational strategies of Microsoft OneNote. All students are excited and appreciate the power of their new devices. Here's a few photos from a few of our classes.

Bowmore Road Junior and Senior School - Intermediate HSP

Photos: Students receive mice (top left) and customize their devices (top right), collaborate and share strategies. (bottom left), Blake shares how to customize the camera options . (bottom right) Umer and Feris finish their brainstorms for topics: My favourite..
Brookside Public School - Intermediate HSP
Brainstorming and then e-printing their brainstorm list for "My favourite" research project. 

D.A. Morrison Middle School - Grade 8 HSP

Students exploring and setting up their new tablets.

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