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Circle time using ActivInspire - Restrictor example at Seneca School

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Circle time using ActivInspire - Restrictor example at Seneca School

Using Restrictors in ActivInspire to Set Students up for Success

Ms Forhan leads her class during circle time asking them, How are you feeling today?

Melinda Forhan teaches a Developmental Disability Class at Seneca School and often uses restrictors when setting up Activities in ActivInspire on the Promethean Board for her students. For example, as part of her daily Circle Time students come up to the Promethean Board and choose the picture symbol that represents how they are feeling that day. Students then drag the picture symbol up from the bottom of the page into the appropriate column. After each student has completed this activity the class counts how many students are feeling happy, sad, tired or angry.
To help set her students up for success (minimizing distraction and assisting students with fine motor challenges), Melinda restricted the picture symbols so that students could only move them vertically on the page which helped ensure students moved the symbol into the appropriate column.

For more examples of ways to use restrictors in ActivInspire or to learn how to set up activities using restrictors please watch our YouTube video “Using Restrictors to Support Students with Fine Motor Challenges”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwpcRhMpvvw

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