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Math Professional Learning Community launches

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Math Professional Learning Community launches

The SEA Team’s latest project is a Math Professional Learning Community (PLC). This project is being spearheaded by Itinerant Resource Teacher, Etienne Mercieca and is aimed at looking how assistive technology software tools such as the graphing tools in Microsoft Excel and the talking calculator tool in Read and Write Gold can be used to support student learning of math concepts.

As part of the PLC, twelve Special Education teachers from across the TDSB came together on February 25th at our Terraview Learning Centre location and participated in a “Meet  & Greet” workshop where teachers became acquainted with one another and were provided with an overview of the assistive technology software tools available to us. 

Introduction activity where teachers shared their favourite strand(s).
Many wanted to pick more than just one or two!

Our next step will be for each teacher to co-plan and co-teach a math lesson, with the support of an Itinerant Resource Teacher, using one or more of these software applications. One of the lesson goals for each lesson will be to allow the students the opportunity to use the technology to demonstrate the learning and understanding. Members of the PLC will have the opportunity to observe at least one of these lessons as well. 

(left) Cathy Watson, Stanley Public School creates a mind map using Read and Write Gold Fact Mapper.
(right) Sean Kitney, Secord Public School explores application of Microsoft Excel.
Later in May, the group will once again meet together for a “Bring and Brag” session, where all lessons will be on display and where each teacher will take away with them a memory key containing all twelve lessons!

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