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IWB Learning Communities - Math tools to support Differentiation

Friday, 21 March 2014

IWB Learning Communities - Math tools to support Differentiation

The fourth and final set of Interactive Whiteboard Learning Communities is underway. Depending on the exceptionality of the group of students they teach, LC teachers are exploring Mathematics and Differentiated Strategies using Learning Response Systems or Functional Numeracy.

Mathematics and Differentiated strategies using Learner Response Systems
Part of exploring Mathematics and differentiated strategies, itinerant teachers model a three-part lesson. They also share the use of a number of math tools and activity pages that are built into Promethean Active Inspire software. Teachers discuss and explore different ways to have their students comprehend, calculate and communicate their problem solving during each of the three-parts of a math lesson using paper and pencil, concrete manipulatives and the interactive whiteboard tools.

During the Action phase of the modeled Math lesson. King Edward P.S. teacher Hartley Wynberg, creates an action on a calculator image. He then solves his problem using Active Inspire's calculator tool during the Gifted ISP LC. 

One goal of this session is for teachers to make connections of how they might use Learner Response Systems (ActivExpressions) into their Math lessons. The learner responses support student learning by allowing all students to respond to questions posed in the classroom - including those who would not normally raise their hand or feel comfortable speaking in a whole group setting.

 In an example shared during the modeled lesson, the document camera was used to capture work for a paper and inserted into the Promethean flipchart. This solution was discussed and annotated upon. Then the ActivExpressions were incorporated to help gauge the group's overall understanding of the solution that was shared.

In this example, the response system answer to "Does this explanation make sense to you?" was inserted into the flipchart page in pie chart form. This is one way for students to have instant feedback about their thinking and for the teacher to gauge group understanding. (see photo bottom left).
The IWB LCs are part of the one-year support provided by the Assistive Technology team. Groups are organized according to geography and the teacher's Special Education program.

Alana Guinane and Leonora Rochwerger, from Donview Health & Wellness Academy register their ActivExpressions (Learner Response System).

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