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Using the IWB to Engage Students in the GLE class

Monday, 24 February 2014

Using the IWB to Engage Students in the GLE class

Krista Petersen at Lawrence Park Collegiate welcomed visiting teachers from our Secondary GLE/ASD Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Learning Community to observe a lesson integrating IWB technology.  Visiting teachers observed a grade 11/12 GLE lesson focusing on the benefits of traditional vs alternative education for the special education student.

Students, first, brainstormed what education meant to them using a collaborative graphic organizer on the IWB.  Krista, then, used an embedded video link to the TEDTalk by 13 year old Logan LaPlante, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” to have students reflect on and generate background knowledge about alternative education.

Students then responded to quotes from the video and open questions to encourage a rich discussion about their beliefs regarding education.  The use of the ActivExpressions ensured that all students participated and had a voice in the discussion.

It was exciting to see the level of engagement and participation exhibited by the students in the lesson.  The students were clearly involved in their learning and are looking forward to researching in preparation for their class debate on the merits of traditional vs alternative education.
Thank you to Krista for providing the opportunity for the visiting teachers to see the IWB tools in action to encourage engagement and participation in the GLE classroom.

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