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Using ActivInspire to Explore Patterns

Friday, 7 February 2014

Using ActivInspire to Explore Patterns

Margot Meijer, an MID teacher at Charles G Fraser, co-planned and co-taught an introductory lesson on patterning with Itinerant Resource Teacher Andrea Statton.  Ms. Meijer wanted her students to be able to identify that patterns repeat, have a core and that patterns are predictable. For this lesson, students were focusing on patterns involving shape and colour.  Ms. Meijer also wanted to create a lesson that utilized more technology to promote student engagement and to demonstrate student learning.

A student identifying the core of the pattern.

Using ‘dual user’ in ActivInspire, students are able to work together to create a colour pattern.

A student shares what they have learned using the wireless keyboard.

Student share what they have learned about patterns. Some students type their responses using the wireless keyboard, while others share their thoughts orally, as the teacher annotates using the pen tool.

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