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Supporting the research process using Read and Write Gold - FOS PD

Monday, 3 February 2014

Supporting the research process using Read and Write Gold - FOS PD

Family of Schools PD: West Region 4 
Using Read and Write Gold to Support the Research Process

"The (WR4) Assistive Technology Session was so informative. They provided practical and simple ways to help all students with the research process through using Read and Write Gold. As teachers, we're always striving to effectively support our students and Read and Write Gold is a tool that we can integrate on a daily basis so easily!"
- Cindy Ray, MART, Broadacres Junior School

This week Itinerant Resource Teacher, Christina Mathura and Family of School Consultant, Waheeda Khan-Fitzpatrick collaborated to support the use of Assistive Technology throughout West Region 4. At this session, special education teachers and MARTs were provided with hands-on/exploration-based professional development on the ways in which they could use a variety of Read and Write Gold tools to support the research process for the students they support.

The Read and Write Gold tools discussed included:

1. Using the Word Prediction tool to support students in creating their own writing/thoughts from their researched material. In your Word Prediction Options – you can even select the Speech Option of “speak when mouse pointer hovers over word”. This provides students with auditory feedback in order to understand the words suggested in their prediction box.

2. Using the RWG Highlighters to highlight important information from multiple websites.

3. Using the Collect Highlights tool to organize all of your colour-coded highlights from multiple web pages into a Microsoft Word document.

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