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Microsoft OneNote pilot project: teacher LC1 & Blantyre P.S. session 5

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Microsoft OneNote pilot project: teacher LC1 & Blantyre P.S. session 5

OneNote project Learning Community 1

The Assistive Technology team’s Microsoft OneNote’s pilot project phase 1 teachers met at Terraview Learning Centre on Tuesday, February 18 for their first Learning Community session.

During the Intermediate teacher session in the morning, participating teachers shared strategies, successes, and features of OneNote that have supported their respective special education students with organization and learning.

The phase 1 teachers also brought work samples to share. While phase 1 continues, phase 2 is just beginning, and phase 3 teachers will be gathering for their initial Meet and Greet session on Monday.

In this photo, Mr. Wong, from Macklin P.S. shares a Math section of his student’s notebook and discusses how they use the software to solve problems.

Blantyre P.S. OneNote student session 5 recap

A day after the excitement of the phase 1 teachers' Learning Community of sharing, Ms. Klayman’s class at Blantyre P.S. had their fifth session. Trainer Dustin Jez had the students review how to use tags in OneNote as well as reflect on which tools they use often to complete their digital binders. The concentration of the session was on using OneNote to support research including the use of templates built into the software.

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