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Host teaching session at Maryvale P.S. - Jr DD class

Friday, 14 February 2014

Host teaching session at Maryvale P.S. - Jr DD class

As our Learning Communities progress, more teachers are participating in our job-embedded learning opportunities by co-planning, co-teaching, and hosting fellow LC teachers as observers.  On Friday February 7th, Rob Lovering Spencer, Jr DD teacher at Maryvale PS hosted a group of fellow DD teachers to observe a very patriotic Winter Olympics-themed lesson that was co-planned and co-taught with East Itinerant Resource Teacher, Etienne Mercieca.  

Mr Lovering Spencer was very careful to include elements that would allow his students to connect to the lesson, including visuals, the use of the sound recorder, and embedding video. He also found a creative use for the document camera by using it to allow the students to be able to see themselves on the Promethean board while following the movements being described in the video.  Rob differentiated his lesson to suit the needs of his various students by allowing them different ways and opportunities to engage in the lesson.  

Mr. Lovering Spencer inviting his students to share what they already
know about the Winter Olympics using the sound recorder.

A student sharing his thoughts
using the Sound recorder.

Mr. Lovering Spencer has now captured many of his students’ ideas. All students' voices are being heard and honoured.

Rob demonstrates his enthusiasm for the lesson. Students are given the choice of the wand or microphone to participate in the lesson.

A student uses the pen and eraser tool to reveal the words describing the picture. Mr Lovering Spencer also recorded his voice reading the words so that students could play the words to hear them, providing auditory support in the activity.

Observing teachers went away on Friday afternoon with a copy of the lesson, but more importantly, a number of new ideas to take back and try in their own classrooms. Thank you, Rob, for agreeing to host teachers from our learning community and thank you to you and your students for providing such a rich and insightful afternoon!

Opaleye LC teachers observing Rob’s lesson (from left to right): Rita De Pompa, Sumithiraa Arif Ahamed, and Hamideh Vassegh. Also at far right, Low Incidence Consultant, Sue MacVicar-Stewart, who also participated in the observation.

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