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Update on Tecumseh P.S. and the Intermediate OneNote pilot

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Update on Tecumseh P.S. and the Intermediate OneNote pilot

Tecumseh’s OneNote Pilot in Full Swing…

Today the students at Tecumseh Public School enjoyed another in-class session on Microsoft OneNote. As part of the TDSB Assistive Technology team's intermediate pilot, students reviewed many of the features they have been exploring, such as inserting pictures and screen clippings, the draw ribbon and the search options.

Ms. Taylor's class discussed bringing in non-digital materials into their Notebooks and how to use various tools within the program to annotate on them. The also experimented with inserting space into existing documents and to record audio. Lastly, they learned how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar so that the features they regularly use are readily available. They are looking forward to exploring tagsat their next session. 
(To review our Youtube video on tags click this link.)

The students ranked some of the features of OneNote, 
according to what features they found relevant to their classroom learning.

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