Monday, 6 January 2014

The Math Mission continues...

The Mission Continues

The teachers involved in the Math Mission met again in December to further investigate how blended learning (D2L) and assistive technology (AT) can be used to support math communication in their classrooms.  Based on feedback from community members and information regarding student needs, our second professional learning community focused on using AT to support students to use math words to explain mathematical thinking and to ask questions to clarify mathematical communication.

Teachers had the opportunity to use AT to differentiate student learning based on readiness using tools such as: interactive whiteboard software, graphic organizer software, and mobile apps, along with concrete manipulates.

Community members have set goals for how they plan to further their use of AT and D2L to move their students’ mathematical communication between now and our next professional learning community meeting in February.

“I will definitely use Read and Write Gold to create vocabulary lists to help my students understand the language of math.” A community member

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