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OneNote project: Keeping track of tech

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

OneNote project: Keeping track of tech

Keeping Track of the Tech
Part of the success of any new technology project is how the technology is managed at the school.

Look how the teachers in our OneNote Project are keeping track of the tech. 

Krista Petersen at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute has dedicated one of her storage cabinets for the storing of the tablets at lunch and overnight.  There is enough shelf space to store all of the tablets for her GLE class.  A power bar is available for charging.  When the teacher and educational assistant are not in the classroom, the cabinet can be locked for secure storage.

Which One Is Mine?

Students in Krista Petersen’s GLE class have their tablets colour coded for easy identification.  Each student is assigned a colour.  Coloured yarn is tied to the bag and power cord.  No more mix ups.

Now, Krista is creating labels to affix to each student’s USB key.  

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