Thursday, 30 January 2014

Meal Planning at West Hill C.I.

Dargine Rajeswaran, Low Incidence teacher at West Hill CI, partnered with Itinerant Resouce Teacher ~ Assistive Technology, Renée Keberer, to co-plan and co-teach a lesson for her class. As part of the SEA Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Learning Community, teachers are given the opportunity to further their understanding and implementation of the ActivInspire software and various peripherals in their class through this collaboration.

During the lesson, students in Ms. Rajeswaran’s class used the Promethean Board and the ActiView Camera to solve how many hot dogs and buns they would need to purchase for their Friday meal, along with how much money these items would cost. See pictures below to view the process.

The students first ensured that each member of their class received 2 hot dogs (left) and then figured out how many packages of hot dogs they were required to purchase – 6 hot dogs/package (right). They repeated this process with hot dog buns.

Students used various methods to calculate how much the hot dogs would cost to purchase (left – Promethean Board; right – pencil and paper). They again repeated the process for the hot dog buns.

The students used the ActiView Camera to display all of their solutions. A picture of each  solution was taken using the camera tool in ActivInspire so all solutions were able to be displayed on the same page.

Students then figured out which denominations of money they could use to purchase both the hot dogs and buns($29 in total). Some used the Promethean Board to solve this problem, while others used math manipulative money. All solutions were displayed on the Promethean Board.

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