OneNote pilot - in-class session 2 overview Tecumseh P.S.

Friday, 27 December 2013

OneNote pilot - in-class session 2 overview Tecumseh P.S.

OneNote Pilot at Tecumseh – Session #2
Just prior to the winter break, the students in Miriam Taylor's classroom at Tecumseh Public School were very busy exploring the many possibilities of the OneNote software program. For session 2 of the A.T. team's intermediate OneNote pilot project, students experimented with the Home, Draw and Insert ribbons. 

Check out all of the ways the students have used OneNote to support their organization and learning.

Tecumseh Public School’s OneNote display bulletin board showcasing all the
 ways the students in Ms. Taylor’s class have been using the program to support their organization.
(left) A student uses the draw tool in OneNote to
edit his work. (right) The revised copy.

Another example of using the Draw feature in OneNote – to create a graphic organizer to support writing.Using OneNoteTables to organize ideas. Screen Clipping was also used to insert visuals.
Student organization of ideas and thinking: (left) using Smart Art to create a graphic organizer to help
organize his writing. (right) A student uses a table in OneNote to organize his thinking.

(left) Stacey is using the HP Page Lift App to take a picture of her teacher’s notes to place into her OneNote Binder. 
(right) She used Read and Write Gold's Vocabulary builder tool to create a Math vocabulary list, which was put into her binder to create a Mathematics word wall.

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