More TDSB Intermediate classes join the OneNote pilot

Thursday, 12 December 2013

More TDSB Intermediate classes join the OneNote pilot

The A.T. team's OneNote pilot had a very busy week, with launches for the Intermediate project at both Warden Ave. P.S. and Blantyre P.S., with students in the Home School Program. Lawrence Park C.I. also had its first session. See yesterday's blog post update.

With every launch, students are excited to get oriented with the hardware and software to support the organization of their ideas and information. Students are able to print both remotely via e-print and hardwired (via USB cord). They use touch, stylus, keyboard and the built-in camera to input work onto various software. (Click on each photo to see a larger version of the image.)

Blantyre Public School, Ms. Klayman's class

Using Read and Write Gold in Microsoft Word.

Warden Avenue Public School, Mr. Maharaj's class

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