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Lawrence Park C.I. launches OneNote pilot

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lawrence Park C.I. launches OneNote pilot

OneNote Pilot Launches at Lawrence Park C.I.

Another OneNote launch took place in Ms Petersen’s grade 9 and 10 GLE class at Lawrence Park Collegiate.  Students received a brief overview of the tablet; including how to start it, change the password, power off mode vs. sleep mode, and how to print.

Students had eagerly anticipated the launch of the pilot in their classroom and enjoyed exploring the capabilities of their devices.  Max was excited about using Read and Write Gold in conjunction with Word.  Thomas independently found the HP page lift app and began experimenting with how he could digitize handouts. Emma commented how she could use the draw tools in Word for hyperbola in Math. 

All of the students quickly accomplished the goals of the introductory tech session.  Ms Petersen and her students are looking forward to their next session after the winter break. 

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