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Intermediate OneNote project updates: MacklinP.S. & Tecumseh P.S.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Intermediate OneNote project updates: MacklinP.S. & Tecumseh P.S.

Macklin Public School Update:

Our OneNote Project continued at Macklin PS on December 4th. Students learned how to organize their digital binder as well as how to resize images and how to use the HP Page Lift App to make digital copies of worksheets and other documents. The students in Mr. Wong’s grade 7/8 HSP class have already been using OneNote to gather research information for their social justice project on cocoa farming and chocolate production. The students had great questions and showed a very high level of enthusiasm for the project and how it can help them at school. 

Some of the reasons given by students as to how using OneNote is helping them were:

  •          It allows them to organize work for different subjects
  •         No more sheets paper to lose and keep track of
  •          All your stuff is in one place so you don’t have to carry a lot of things with you

Student uses the stylus to record
reasons why organization is important.

Student is able to access and create content (images, audio, text)
in OneNote by touch and using the stylus.
We are all looking forward to our next session together on January 7th, 2014!

Tecumseh Public School update:

Students at Tecumseh P.S. continue to use OneNote in a variety of ways to support their learning. Below are just a few examples.

Another example of using the Draw feature in OneNote 
– this time to create a graphic organizer to support his writing.
Using OneNote Tables to organize ideas. Screen
 Clipping was also used to insert visuals. Topic: What we read and why?

Tecumseh Public School’s OneNote display bulletin board showcasing all the 
various way the students in Ms. Taylor’s class have been using the program to support their organization.

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