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AT Read and Write Gold EQAO in-class sessions underway

Monday, 9 December 2013

AT Read and Write Gold EQAO in-class sessions underway

EQAO In-Class Sessions begin…

The Assistive Technology Itinerant Resources Teachers are excited to be back in special education classrooms across the TDSB to support using Read and Write Gold (RWG) when writing the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) Assessment. During this first session, students are shown how to customize the RWG toolbar so that they can access the features supported by EQAO. They also have an opportunity to experiment with which voice and speed best suit their needs when listening to text, along with how to use highlighters to better support answering multiple choice type questions. Lastly, they are shown how to set up their computers in dual page mode so that they can have the reading passage and questions side by side. 

Example of how highlighters can be used to support answering 
multiple choice questions ~ pink to eliminate choices, and yellow for the best answer.

Student from Bowmore Jr & Sr P.S. 
using dual page to answer questions.

Student feedback from Hollycrest – (J/I HSP)

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