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Youtube and IWB LC updates

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Youtube and IWB LC updates

TechandSpecEd Youtube site update!

A reminder that we continue to add to our Youtube site. One of the latest videos highlights the feature of colour-coding using Microsoft OneNote - one of the ways to support student organization - a goal for our intermediate OneNote pilot project.

IWB LC Getting Started snapshot continued

We shared with you that we've begun our year-long Learning Communities in a previous post: Getting Started with the IWB LCs . These communities, for TDSB Special Education teachers who received interactive whiteboard group claims, are both student grade level and exceptionality-based. The AT team is supporting 19 different groups of Special Education teachers in the East and the West.

One of the goals of the year-long LC support is to focus on supporting teachers to create dynamic and engaging lessons using the IWB software tools and peripherals to differentiate learning for their specific individual students and classroom.

The Ropefish (group of Diagnostic Kindergarten teachers) share their expectations for the LC. They used the Learner Response Systems (ActivExpressions) to provide written feedback. (Answers from a text question using ActivExpressions can be word-seeded and organized into graphic organizers like the chart above.)
Part of Getting Started, AT itinerant teachers modeled ways that simple software tools such as the pen, text and sound recorder tools could be used as effective tools of differentiation to accommodate for a variety of student learners by providing visual, organization and auditory support. Then LC members had a chance to try out the tools on their own by creating a one-page biographic introduction.
 Walt Morose, teacher of a Gifted ISP at Jack Miner P.S. 

Samantha Bunting of George Peck Public School, shares her introduction with her fellow Intermediate HSP teacher LC.

Along with Getting Started LC teacher sessions for the year are: Visual Literacy, Engaging All Learners and Differentiating Math Strategies for a majority of the LC groups. For groups of teachers supporting the low incidence student population sessions include: Functional Literacy/Language and Communication, Functional Math/Activities of Daily Living, as well as Personal/Social & Motor skills for Low Incidence.

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